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The original elements of the band started up in 1990 when Joe Masters decided to pull together local musicians to play traditional jazz. Over the initial few years it more resembled a pick-up band as numerous musicians rotated from  gig-to-gig  through its ranks.  The mix usually added a second banjo and a vocalist.  In the early days they were known as The Classic Jazz Ensemble.  By 1995, however, a core group of players emerged - three of whom continue to the present day:  Phil (piano), Steve (clarinet), and Richard (drums).




Fred Shaw (vocalist), Joe Masters (leader), Bob Gauguin,  Phil, Larry Baxter,  Steve, and Pierre LeMieux


Soon the band developed a musical style of its own and gained a reputation for quality of play and a bandstand humor (schtick) that audiences found quite amusing.  The name was upgraded to The Riverboat Stompers, as it was thought this better communicated the lively nature of the band’s repertoire.  Appearances followed at such venues as the Regatta Bar, WBZ radio talk show hosted by Dave Maynard, Quincy Market, WGBH radio jazz show hosted by Ron della Chiesa, Ryles Jazz Club, and repeat invitations to do summer concerts at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate.  The band has since further evolved and continues to please audiences across New England at public and private events. 


Pierre, Dave Maynard (radio host), Larry, Steve, Joe Masters, Alan Engborg, and Bob Gaughin.

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